Careers at Diverse Mortgage and Protection

Careers at Diverse Mortgage and Protection


Diverse Mortgage and Protection Ltd strive to create an environment that allows advisers to grow and develop at their own pace.  Rather than quantity we want to ensure quality in our work and expect no less from our advisers.  With competitive splits and cutting edge technology we give advisers the upper hand when it comes to our administrative machine.  We are dedicated to providing not only administrative support but also sales advice and compliance.

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Administration is at the heart of our infrastructure.  Demanding and rewarding the administrative field can offer a clear career advancement path at competitive rates.  Although experience administrators are preferred we will train the right candidates.

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Estate Agent

Our partners at Golden Residential are always looking for quality estate agents to join their team.  Whether you are a seasoned realtor or just getting your feet wet Golden Residential can help guide you into a successful career as an estate agent.

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